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Crocus Barr's Purple 10 pcs. - ORGANIC

€ 4.95

Named after Mr Barr, a Scottish cultivator and bulb trader who lived in the 19th century, Barr's Purple has a six-petal crown in a rich violet colour with a lighter coloured interior. A silvery shimmer on the outside of the petals makes this charming crocus even more interesting.
It was a prize winner as early as 1939, because of the contrasting large golden orange stamens and pistil. The foliage is open and delicate with narrow silvery stripes. The flower opens when the shines and closes in the dark. In clusters under trees, in borders, rock gardens or pots they make a real statement. You coud also plant it in the lawn for a lively effect in early spring.

Height 5-10 Cm
Bloom time February-March
Planting Autumn
Plant depth 10-15 Cm
Food source for Bees and bumble bees