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Hyacinth White 5 pcs.- ORGANIC

€ 4.95

The white pearl amongst hyacinths. The blooming starts with densely arranged little ivory flowers that develop into shining white bells. Glossy broad leaves surround the stem and flowers. It thrives in well-drained soil and is is also suitable for cutting. In a vase hyacinths will last longer than the average bouquet of flowers. The hyacinth is sun god Apollo's flower, and Mozart wrote his opera Apollo and Hyacinthus in 1767, aged 11. Let this exquisitely fragrant variety sing its song in your garden, too.

Height 15-25 Cm
Bloom time March-April
Planting Autumn
Plant depth 2-3 Times the height of the bulb
Food source for Bees and bumble bees
Fragrance Yes