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Ornithogalum Balansae 10 pcs.- ORGANIC

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Named after the French botanist Benedict Balansa and commonly known as Star of Bethlehem, this is a strong yet charming little flower. The little stalks bear up to five star-shaped little flowers with light green stripes on the back of each petal and a small green heart. It has lance-shaped glossy green leaves. This garden plant has proven to be an excellent choice for a sunny spot in combination with taller flowers. It thrives on well-drained soil where the mother bulb can easily form new baby bulbs. Sometimes it even multiplies by the seed it produces. Top of the menu for bees!

Height 10 Cm
Bloom time March-April
Planting Autumn
Plant depth 2-3 Times the height of the bulb
Food source for Bees and bumble bees