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Leucojum Aestivum Gravetye Giant 5 pcs. - ORGANIC

€ 5.75

This Summer Snowflake variety was cultivated by the renowned English gardener and promoter of natural gardening William Robinson in 1924. The cultivar is namend after his estate Gravetye in Sussex. Gravetye Manor is now a hotel, and the gardens are open to hotel guests only. The Summer Snowflake originates from Belgium and the Netherlands, however it is quite rare there as a wild flower. Each bulb produces 4 to 8 milky white bell-shaped flowers with green tips dangling from long, firm stalks. They rise from little bushes of dark green grassy leaves. The foliage often starts growing during the winter and is frost resistant. A cheerful flower which thrives in moist ground and naturalizes easily.

Height 50-60 Cm
Bloom time April-May
Planting Autumn
Plant depth 2-3 Times the height of the bulb
Food source for Bees and bumble bees
Cutflower Yes